567-A Magnetic Scale Holder

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21 days
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Hold scales against multiple flat surfaces

The 567-A magnetic scale holder can be attached to ferrous objects when measuring flat surfaces. The 567-A employs high energy Neodymium magnets to keep it firmly positioned against any ferrous material, regardless of surface orientation. Simply slide the scale through the 567-A to contact the surface and lock it in place with the thumbscrew. It will automatically align perpendicularly to the bottom surface of the scale holder. You can orient the scale pointing upward, downward, or horizontally.
You may also wish to see our related product 567, which pairs the 567-A with a v-block base for added measurement flexibility.
(Scale not included.)

May Be Used With

6003, 6005, 6010, and 6020 scales
6080M, 6130M, 6250M, 6500M, and 6050M

Also discontinued scales 564W-10, and 564W-20

Finish Black Anodize
Material Black Anodize
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 1
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 0.5
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