Magnetic V-Block Scale Holder

567 Magnetic V-Block Scale Holder

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Magnetic scale mount for rolls or flat surfaces.

The magnetic v-block scale holder (model 567) makes scale fixturing a snap on ferrous rollers and flat surfaces. High energy Neodymium magnets positively grip the surface for convenient, hands-free operation. The 567 combines key features of traditional scale mounting systems into one easy-to-use accessory.

Measuring rolls

Measure smooth, knurled, or spiked rolls with the 567. The magnetic v-base holds securely to rolls having diameters from 4.5" (11.2 cm) to 13.5" (34.2 cm), for easy horizontal and vertical measurements. Simply position the magnetic scale holder assembly (567-A) in the circular recess and slide the scale to contact the roll surface below. The scale holder may be rotated to any convenient viewing angle and set level with the integrated bubble vial.

Measuring machined surfaces

The removable 567-A scale holder may also be positioned securely against any ferrous surface, regardless of orientation, without the base. It holds a scale pointing upward, downward, or horizontally. The scale locks firmly in place with one thumbscrew and aligns perpendicularly to the machined surface, assuring consistent, accurate readings.

(Scale not included.)

May Be Used With

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