Stands for KinAiry

Stands for KinAiry

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Heavy Duty Metrology Stand (230-0)

Our 230 heavy duty metrology stands are an excellent choice for average shop and plant requirements. This stand has a working height range from a minimum of 43" (109 cm) to a maximum of 68.5" (174 cm).

Stability is the keyword for this stand. It is not the type of stand that you throw over your shoulder and carry around! This stand weights approximately 185 lbs. (84 kg). Mobility around the shop floor is permitted using the drop-down casters under the heavy-duty tribrach base which are engaged and released by a foot pedal. 

For additional general information about this stand, read more about our heavy duty stands in the knowledgebase.

Portable Metrology Stand (MAS 2000TA)

The M-Series portable metrology stands have been requested both by customers and other metrology instrument OEMs. With their input, Brunson has designed this instrument stand for functionality and portability. This collapsible, tripod-type stand will work with the KinAiry laser tracker field test solution.

This stand features aluminum double upper legs, which span from the shoulder pivots to the "knee" of the stand.

This stand comes with an adjustable column, also called the "intermediate tube." The adjustable mount employs a handwheel-driven worm gear for up-and-down adjustment of the column. The collar may then be clamped to avoid any inadvertent movement. 


Model Height Range Weight
MAS2000TA 41 1/8" - 74 5/8"
104.5 - 189.5 cm
40 lbs
(18.1 kg)
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