Scales, Scale Holders & Invar Kits

Optical Tooling scales are essential for measuring component positions with respect to a reference line of sight. We have a number of English and metric scales, in various lengths (be sure to match the scale units to those of your optical micrometer). We offer many different types of scale holders, for use on flat machined surfaces, different diameter rollers, or in conjunction with our Invar kits. Our scale levels let you keep your scales plumb or level, minimizing cosine error in the micrometer readings. Our Invar kits and accessories are a "must" in the alignment world, greatly extending the flexibility of your optical scales.

Our scale bars and scale kits are made using Invar material to provide a thermally stable reference length for laser tracker, scanner, or photogrammetry jobs. You can use them to establish or verify scale. Some customers use them as a stable reference artifact which they measure before, during, and after a job - just to gain confidence that nothing has gone wrong during the "shoot". Our kits allow you to construct custom lengths. Be sure to look at our Low Thermal Expansion Scale Bar (1.5LTE-1000MM) which employs a simple mechanism for even greater thermal stability.

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