2¼” Diameter See-Thru Target

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Put several targets along the same line of sight

The 395 see-through target is great for alignment jobs where it is necessary to focus on various collinear targets that are positioned down a single line of sight. Wire targets such as this one prevent any refraction error because glass is not employed to create the target pattern. Instead, pairs of flat stainless steel wires* are fixed in a cross pattern, and mounted in a 2¼" diameter, heat treated steel ring. Various wire spacings are available (see table below). This target meets A.I.A. specifications.

The target centering specification is 0.0005" (395-5 and 395-10); 0.001" on all others. The diameter of the steel ring is 2.2498" to 2.2493".

Model Wire Spacing*
395-5 0.005"
395-10 0.010"
395-15 0.015"
395-20 0.020"
395-25 0.025"
395-30 0.030"
395-40 0.040"
395-50 0.050"
395-60 0.060"
395-70 0.070"

Note: a rule of thumb suggests that the target spacing, measured in thousandths of an inch, should be approximately the same as the distance to the target in feet. For example, if the shot distance to a target is 40 feet, a target with 0.040" spacing would be most appropriate.

*The "wires" in our 395 target are all on the same plane. Each target pattern is fabricated from a sheet of 0.005" stainless steel, except for the 395-5, which is 0.004" thick.

May Be Used With

406-6 or 406-6A Bore Targets
521-B Spherical Target Mount
Many other configurations!

Target Thickness 0.5"
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