1.5THF Floor Mount Adapter

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7 days
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Install permanent monuments in the floor

The 1.5THF floor target mount provides for a permanent target location in the floor or wall. Following initial installation, it may be surveyed for its final position. This gives you the ability to quickly re-establish coordinate systems in the future by providing known, permanent reference points. They may also be used without an initial survey to provide permanent coordinate system transfer points. Or use them to monitor the movement of foundations over time by checking for deviation from originally mapped coordinates.

The 1.5THF is meant to be grouted or epoxied permanently into holes which have been drilled in concrete floors or walls, so that the top is flush with the surface of the floor or wall. An aggressive knurl around the circumference as well as a large concave groove give this target mount lots of holding power in the surrounding grout. The cap has an O-ring seal to keep the target mount surfaces out of danger and free of debris. The 1.5THF assembly may be attached to a customer-provided positioning jig while being grouting in place, via the M6 threaded hole on top of the lid. In this way, the 1.5THF can be easily positioned so that the top is flush with the floor. A flat or straight-bladed screw driver allows easy removal of the lid.

The 1.5" SMR seats on a 3-point conical land and is held firmly in place by a ring magnet.

May Be Used With

Any 1.5" diameter SMR

Diameter in 1.6"
Diameter mm 40.6 mm
Hardness HRC 42-45
Height in 1.5
Height mm 38.1
Material Stainless Steel
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