Manuals & Publications


Brunson KinAiry laser tracker evaluation system User GuideKinAiry User Manual

Includes detailed explanations of how to use the laser tracker evaluation system.

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Brunson Portable Boring Bar Alignment System User GuidePortable Boring Bar Alignment System
User Guide

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76-RH Transit Operation and
Field Adjustment Manual

(also for models 771 and 75)

Includes detailed explanations of optical alignment set up techniques and field calibration procedures.

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187 Box Level and 187-S Stride Level Operation, Maintenance, and Adjustment Manual

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190 and 160 Optical Micrometer
Maintenance and Adjustment Manual

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230, 231, 232, and 233 Series
Heavy Duty Mobile Stands User’s Manual

Download (1.9MB)

232-SP Series Heavy Duty
Tall Stands User’s Manual

Download (2.4MB)

Maintenance and Adjustment
of Line Scopes and Collimators

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AlignCam Manual
for Models 8420, 8430, and 8440.

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Maintenance and Adjustment
of the Model 270BN
Universal Short-Range Calibrator

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Optical Tooling Instrument Calibration and Adjustment using the Model 270BN Universal Short-Range Calibrator

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287-1 Leveling Mirror Maintenance
and Adjustment Manual

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290 Variable Wedge Operation,
& Parts Manual

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406-6 and 406-6A Bore Target Assembly
and Adjustment Manual

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470 and 470NA Calibration Sine Bar
Operation and Maintenance

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545-190 and 545-1 Precision Sight Level
Operating Procedures Manual

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801-1 and 810 Portable Instrument Stands
Operator’s Manual

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Obsolete Manuals and Publications

Model 45 “Dumpy Level”
Adjustment and Care

Download (1.5MB)

Model 50 Surveyor’s Transit
Owner’s Manual

Owner’s manual for our timeless Surveyor’s Transit.

Download (2.3MB)


K+E Manuals and Publications

K+E Paragon Jig Transit & Telescopic
Transit Square Operating Manual

Includes the 71-1010 and 71-1026 transits and many accessories.

Download (2.9MB)

K+E Alignment Telescope and
Collimator Operating Manual

Includes the 71-2022, 71-2030, and 71-2062 alignment telescopes, as well as the 71-4010 and 71-4030 collimators.

Download (3MB)

K+E Paragon Tilting Level Operating Manual

Includes the 71-3010 tilting level, the 71-3015 leveling kit, and many accessories.

Download (1.7MB)

The K+E Optical Leveling Kit and How to Use It

A fundamental discussion of the principles employed by the Leveling Kit.

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K+E 71-2615 Laser Alignment System
Operating Manual

Download (3.7MB)

71-4210 Visual Auto-Collimator
Instruction Manual (K+E)

Download (1.0MB)

K+E 71-7105 Exit Pupil Tester Instruction Manual

Download (0.7MB)

K+E Optical Alignment Equipment Catalog

Download (5.3MB)

K+E Optical Alignment Manual

A discussion of the fundamentals of optical alignment equipment including transits, levels, alignment telescopes, and tooling bars.

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K+E Optical Tooling Equipment

A more extensive and technical discussion of K+E Optical Tooling products.

Download (4.8MB)

K+E Glossary of Optical Alignment Terms

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Optical Tooling and Its Uses in
Industrial Plants (K+E)

A discussion of optical techniques which may be applied to industrial alignment challenges.

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Partners in Creating:
The First Century of K+E, 1867-1967

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