235-6 Surface Mount Adapter

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14 days
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Put your instrument just about anywhere

The 235-6 allows you the flexibility of having an instrument mount anywhere you want one! This adapter provides a 3½"-8 external thread as a mount for many instruments and other adapters, but also has the 2.825" - 20 internal thread required for other accessories such as a model 800 precision lift. The 235-6 is configured to mount on any flat surface, centered on a precision 3.500" bore. A mounting flange with six countersunk bolt holes is provided for secure mounting. Note that this adapter does not mount flush on a surface unless clearance is provided for the descending inner cylinder. You may also be interested in our 235-18, which has the same functionality but does not have the internal threads and does not require a hole in which to mount it, or the 5146, which does not have the flange.
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Fits onto any customer-supplied surface with a matching bolt-hole pattern and 3.5" bore

Effective Height 1/4" (6.4 mm) – this is the vertical distance between the lower interface surface (not the very bottom of the unit) and the bottom of an instrument which is mounted on top of the unit; on this adapter this amounts to the thickness of the flange
External Thread 3-1/2"-8
Flange bolt pattern The six countersunk holes on the flange are 0.169" in diameter, 60° apart on a bolt circle of 3-15/16" diameter
Internal Thread 2.825"-20
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 4
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 1.8
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