Rail Alignment Kit (Metric)

Ships in 4 Weeks

For headrig primary breakdown line alignment

The metric Rail Alignment Kit (9106M) brings an innovative solution to an old problem: the proper alignment of a headrig primary breakdown line. When coupled with our Sawmill Kit (9105), the Rail Alignment Kit provides fast, accurate alignment of headrig carriage rails, band mill wheels and saws. These kits also guide the alignment of overhead end-dogger and round rail carriage systems.

Misalignment of these components can drastically reduce a log's yield. The Rail Alignment Kit helps restore these machines to proper specifications, simultaneously recovering lost revenue and improving lumber quality.

Rail Alignment Kit Components

Brunson Rail Alignment Kit Components
Legend 9106 English Kit 9106-M Metric Kit Components Qty
A 10 in scale 250 mm scale 6010 (English)
6250 (Metric)
B 20 in (508 mm) Extension Rod 12473-20IN 4
C 10 in (254 mm) Extension Rod 12473-10IN 2
D 5 in (127 mm) Extension Rod 12473-5IN 2
E Connector, Extension Rod 12406-1 10
F Ball End Tip 12410-G1 2
G 1 in (25.4 mm) Concave End Tip 12410-G2 2
H Magnetic Base 18312 1
I Scale Holder, Extension Rod 8665-G1 1
J Scale Holder, Rail Fixture 18163 2
n.a. Plastic Case w/ Foam Insert (not shown) 18316 1
Case Includes custom foam insert
Case Length 26" (660 mm)
Case Width 16" (406 mm)
Case Height 4.75" (121 mm)
Rod Length Tolerances ±050 in (±1.3 mm)
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 16
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 7.2
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