0.5THDN Drift Nest

Estimated lead time:
7 days

Ships in 1 Week

Put temporary targets on just about anything

The 0.5THDN drift nest provides a temporary, magnetic laser tracker target adapter in almost any location and on almost any surface. Use any general adhesive (we often use a hot glue gun) to attach these adapters temporarily to machine tools, concrete floors and pillars, posts, stands, or just about anything else that is available. Note that the magnet is meant to secure the laser tracker target to the adapter, but is not meant to hold the adapter to the surface on which it sits. When you're finished, remove the adapter and you're on your way to your next assignment. Works with a 0.5" diameter laser tracker target.

May Be Used With

Any 0.5" diameter laser tracker target

Approx. Distance to Center of SMR in 0.5"
Approx. Distance to Center of SMR mm 12.7 mm
Diameter in 0.75"
Diameter mm 19.05 mm
Hardness HRC 42-45
Height in 0.313
Height mm 7.95
Material Stainless Steel
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