803-MCP +/- 0.003 mm Metric

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Metric unit kit with retroreflective targets

The 803-MCP is designed as a metric calibration reference or scaling kit for three-dimensional measuring systems such as laser scanners or photogrammetric systems. They can also be used in the construction of monuments or artifacts for "leapfrogging", providing stable transfer points and retroreflective targets. Included are four retroreflective targets which have been 100% inspected at the factory using photogrammetric measurement techniques. The target mounts are unique to this kit and fit only the supplied target holders.

Invar tubing is great for metrology because it has such a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which effectively eliminates changes in length due to handling or environmental changes.


The Invar tubing in the 803-MCP is manufactured to its stated length within ±0.003 mm. In addition, the Invar tubing components are hand-picked for each kit so that the total stackup error does not exceed 0.013 mm. This means that you can connect all of the tubes found in a given kit together end-to-end, and the stack will maintain the total length within the stackup error. (The table above summarizes this information.) We often recommend the 803-MCP when people ask for a metric calibration or scaling-quality system.

Individual components may be assembled to produce reference lengths from 225 mm to about 2850 mm, in 125 mm increments. The table below specifies all included components.

803-MCP Invar Kit Components

Picture Part number Description Qty
A 12587-500MM 500MM Invar tube 4
12587-250MM 250MM Invar tube 2
12587-125MM 125MM Invar tube 2
B 15483-2 Retroreflective target; 6.35MM dot, 25MM offset 4
C 15484-2 Target holder; 25MM offset 4
D 12406-G1 Stainless steel connectors 10
n.a. 12421-G1 Plastic case 1
n.a. n.a. NIST traceable certification for kit yes
Case Plastic case with foam insert
Finish Oil and stain resistant PVC jacket, yellow
Invar Tubing 1″ (25.4 mm) diameter Invar with stainless steel end caps, having 3/8″-24 internal threads on each end
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 0.68 x 10-6 in./in.°F for temperature range of 0-200°F (1.26 x 10-6 m/m/°C for temperature range of -18°C to 93°C)
Weight, Product & Case (Approx.) lb 17
Weight, Product & Case (Approx.) kg 7.7
Weight, Shipping (Approx.) lb 22
Weight, Shipping (Approx.) kg 10
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