12406-G1 Invar System Connectors

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7 days

Ships in 2 Weeks

Interconnects all Brunson Invar System Components

The Brunson Invar System is a simple system of interconnecting Invar bars and terminating components, most of which are connected together with these removable, threaded plugs as illustrated by the photo below. (Note that some of the terminating tips in our Invar System have their own built-in connecting plugs.)
PN12406-G1 Red Invar

These stainless steel connectors come in packages of 10 and have screwdriver slots on both ends for easy insertion and removal.

You can read more about our Invar System Components here, and find out about Invar and why it is such a great material to use in metrology.

Length in 13/16
Material Stainless Steel
Thread 3/8"-24
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