795 Series 2-¼" Diameter Open Targets

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Put several targets along the same line of sight

The 795-5 and 795-10 are unique, see-through targets which provide a multiple-paired line pattern without using glass. The patented target pattern is fabricated from 0.005" thick stainless steel and held in place using an adjustable ring. The result gives you the advantage of having a single target which is useful at many sight distances while avoiding any error due to refraction. Both targets are great for alignment jobs where it is necessary to focus on various collinear targets that are positioned on a single line of sight. The 795 targets feature an innovative clocking wire which may be rotated to different quadrants when placing the target - this helps you keep track of which target you are looking at, when several are in a line. 

Both targets meet A.I.A. specifications. The two models in this series differ only in target line spacing. Use the table below to determine which one is best for your application.

Model Range Paired Line Spacing
795-5 0' - 50'
0 - 15 m
0.005", 0.010", 0.020", 0.040"
0.13 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.508 mm, 1.02 mm
795-10 5' - 100'
1.5 - 30 m
0.010", 0.020", 0.040", 0.080"
0.25 mm, 0.508 mm, 1.02 mm, 2.03 mm

May Be Used With

406-6 or 406-6A bore targets
6410 bore target (discontinued)
521-B spherical target mounts
Many other configurations

Diameter in 2.2493" - 2.2498"
Diameter mm 57.132 mm - 57.145 mm
Material Heat Treated Steel
Mount Ring Heat Treated Steel, 2.2493″ to 2.2498″ dia
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