1.5TH1 Series SMR Adapters

1.5TH1 Series
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For use with 1.5" SMR

The 1.5TH1 Series magnetic adapters provide an SMR nest which mounts in holes having a diameter of 1/8" - 3/4" or 3 mm to 19 mm.  Shank diameters are held to close tolerances (-0.0001" to -0.0005") for precision slip fits.  The adapter holds the centerpoint of a 1.5" diameter SMR 1.000" (or 25 mm) above the surface of the part and on centerline of the shank to a tolerance of ±0.0005" (0.013 mm). The SMR seats on a 3-point conical land and is held in place by a magnet.  The target nest's smaller diameter allows the SMR to be rotated below the horizon in any azimuth direction.  Construct the desired part number using the information below, or make up your own - we don't have room to show all possible sizes!
Choose an "A" value below, and pair with desired "B" value to create the item number for the product that you want, for example, 1.5TH1-1-.375.
Note: Shank diameter "B" max size = .750"
Brunson 1.5TH1 Drift Nest

May Be Used With

Any 1.5" diameter SMR

Diameter in 1.0
Diameter mm 25.4
Hardness HRC 42-45
Offset Tolerance ±0.0005" (±0.013 mm)
Shank Diameter Tolerance -0.0001″ to -0.0005″ (-0.003 mm to -0.013 mm)
Target Centering Tolerance ±0.0005" (±0.013 mm)
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