1.5ADP-RPR Series Probe Adapters

1.5ADP-RPR Series Probe Adapters
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Make any 1.5" SMR Nest into a Spherical Probe Receiver

Cutaway view shows 1.5ADP-RPR probe adapter sphere with tip of portable CMM probe (in red) located at the center of the sphere.

The 1.5ADP-RPR probe adapters give you the ability to measure the location of a 1.5" SMR nest with a portable CMM measuring system. The adapter is a partial 1.5" diameter ball, precisely machined to hold the center of a spherical probe tip at exactly the same point in space as the center of the 1.5" SMR. This allows you to accurately measure the positions of nests and target mounts designed for 1.5" SMRs.

The 1.5ADP-RPR comes in handy if you are required to use multiple measuring systems on one job, cannot obtain line-of-sight with a laser, or only have access to a portable CMM. The center point of the probe's spherical tip is held precisely 0.75" or 19.05 mm above the surface of the part being measured. To construct the appropriate part number, substitute the diameter of your probe for "A" in the legend shown below. For example, to fit a 3 mm probe, the part number would be 1.5ADP-RPR-3.

May Be Used With

Fits in any 1.5" SMR nest

Hardness HRC 56-61
Tolerance Holds spherical probe tip to center of 1.5″ (38.1 mm) diameter ball within ±0.00025” (±0.006 mm)
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