1.5THC SMR Retainers

1.5THC SMR Retainers
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SMR retainers with vertical or horizontal freedom of motion

Our 1.5THC-V (vertical) and 1.5THC-H (horizontal) SMR retainer clamps give you another way to protect those valuable SMRs from damage. Put the SMR in the target nest, and slip the retainer over the SMR. Then use the flat-tipped M3 set screws to firmly secure the retainer to the target holder. The 1.5THC-H clamps allow the SMR to rotate horizontally, with a 200° range of motion. The 1.5THC-V clamps allow the SMR to rotate vertically, with a 90° range of motion (allowing the SMR to point straight up). All 1.5THC models are designed to retain 1.5" SMRs in nests which have a 1.6" diameter.
Physical Size
Model Diameter Height
1.5THC-V 1.85" (47 mm) 1.3" (33 mm)
1.5THC-H 1.85" (47 mm) 1.75" (44.4 mm)
The 1.5THC-H (shown below left) captures the SMR but allows it to rotate horizontally.The 1.5THC-V (shown below right) captures the SMR but allows it to rotate vertically. 



May Be Used With

Any 1.5" diameter SMR in a nest having a 1.6" diameter.  This includes most of our target holders which are designed for 1.5" SMRs.

Material Aluminum
Range of SMR Rotation 200°
Set Screws M3 (3 each)
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