M-Series portable standsPortable Metrology Stands

Portable stands are the answer when you just can’t afford the weight or size of our heavy duty stands. Perhaps an instrument must be used in a variety of locations in a fairly short amount of time. Maybe your business requires that your instrumentation be very flexible and mobile. Or maybe your sales staff just doesn’t have room in the trunk for a heavy duty stand. Whatever the reason, our portable stands can often be the right answer for your application. Have a look at some of the features of our portable stands below.

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The M-Series Portable Stands

MGS stand, annotatedThe M Series (MGS and MAS) stands have been requested by both customers and other metrology instrument OEMs. With their input, Brunson has designed and assembled the ultimate instrument stand for stability, functionality, and portability. These stands give you the benefit of portability with a minimal sacrifice of stability. Our customers have used them for scanners and laser tracking instruments when they need to move the equipment easily. All of the M series stands utilize non-corrosive materials (i.e. stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) so they are considered fully weather proof and may be placed in most environments.


The leg design is common to all M Series stands. Our goal is optimal stability without losing the ability to adjust height while bearing substantial weight. Each leg utilizes two tubes for the double upper leg struts which span from the "shoulder" pivot to the "knee" of the stand. The tubes can be aluminum (MAS) or graphite (MGS) based on your requirements. Graphite is usually the choice when weight and thermal stability are critical.

We use a hard anodized aluminum tube to extend from the knee to the floor. This aluminum tube extension allows for height adjustment and is locked in place with a clamping mechanism underneath the knee. Stabilizer rods connect the tripod’s legs firmly to the protective outer tube located in the center of the stand, giving additional rigidity when clamped in place. Cast aluminum shoulder assemblies attach the legs to the collar area for added strength.

Point and Pad feetFeet

The stand’s lower leg will accommodate two different types of feet – trivet points or swivel pad feet. The swivel pads have a thin, textured rubber pad on the bottom. Either type of foot is an acceptable choice for general applications. The points work well on uneven surfaces, the pads work well on smooth surfaces (e.g., finished concrete) to resist sliding and soft surfaces (e.g., linoleum) which the points may damage. Pads have the additional advantage of being outfitted with a hole for semi-permanent mounting. The feet are easily interchangeable in the field. The M-Series comes standard with both trivet point feet and pad feet.

Vertical Adjustment

M-Series portable stand fixed height collarOur stands are available with, or without, an adjustable-height intermediate tube. This tube provides a wider range of vertical movement and the ability to make easy vertical adjustments once the legs are set in the desired position. The collar houses a rack-and-pinion gearing mechanism, giving a smooth vertical adjustment driven by a hand wheel. A clamping lever on the collar securely locks the intermediate tube into position for added stability. For customers whose requirements do not include this additional vertical adjustment, we provide an instrument mount directly connected to the top tribrach of the stand.

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