3D Metrology Products

Brunson designs and manufactures a wide range of support products for professionals who utilize large volume, portable, 3D metrology instruments. Users of laser trackers, CMM arms, scanners, projectors, photogrammetry systems, and other 3D measuring instruments look to Brunson for metrology stands, laser tracker targeting, scale bars and artifacts, and Invar accessories. Our line of stands includes portable, lightweight stands which are perfect for total stations, indoor GPS, camera-based systems, and lightweight scanners. We also have a large number of stable, heavy duty stands for use with laser trackers, CMM arms, or larger scanners. Our motorized vertical tooling bars (MVTBs) are often used to position instruments on a very high, yet stable, platform for aircraft assembly or satellite integration. Look through our broad line of laser tracker target holders for what you need, but remember that we sell as much or more custom product than we do standard. Our use of Invar to build do-it-yourself scaling kits, or in fixed scaling artifacts, gives excellent performance over a wide temperature range. All of our products are manufactured in our underground facility in Kansas City, MO, USA.