Product Description

717-B Bull’s Eye End Viewing Target

End-Viewing Plug Target

The 717-B is very useful when sighting an optical instrument directly on the center point of a 0.250″ tooling reference hole. The target pattern is centered within ±0.0005″ (0.013 mm) of the centerline of the plug. The target’s plug diameter is 0.250″ (6.35 mm). Plug diameters of 0.375″ (9.52 mm) and 0.500″ (12.7 mm) are available by special order.

May Be Used With

740-A Adjustable Floor Target Mount
Customer supplied fixtures


Target pattern:
0.015″ (0.38mm) center dot, with 0.100″ (2.54mm) and 0.200″ (5.08mm) diameter concentric circles
Line width of target circles: 0.020″ (.51mm)
Target centering: ±0.0005″ of the centerline of the plug
Overall height: 7/8″
Note: The bore diameter should be .2500″ +.0003″ -.0000″.


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