Product Description

270BN Universal Short Range Calibrator

Take care of your optical instrument calibration requirements in-house with the 270BN Universal Short Range Calibrator. This compact, self-contained unit lets you easily calibrate all kinds of optical and electronic theodolites, autolevels, total stations, optical tooling instruments and accessories with complete NIST certification capability.

The 270BN features an efficient, compact design that places all controls within easy reach and all components strategically positioned for efficient operation. The 270BN will accommodate all types of optical instruments and features positive indexing of angles with one quarter arcsecond accuracy. A 4″ thick granite surface plate and heavy gage, enclosed steel cabinet provide excellent stability.
Unit can be modified per client specifications. 


  • Allows evaluation of opto-mechanical system geometry
  • Complete auto-collimation capability for ultimate accuracy
  • One-degree azimuth indexing with one quarter arcsecond accuracy
  • Provides for all necessary instrument translations and rotations in X, Y and Z axes
  • Adjustment of coincidence-type vials, vertical circle index settings, and automatic levels using a gravity-referenced mirror


The following is a partial list of the instrument calibrations which may be conducted with the 270BN:

  • Bearing runout, horizontal and vertical
  • Collimation, horizontal and vertical
  • Optical/mechanical axis centering
  • Line-of-sight straightness
  • Line-of-sight concentricity
  • Plumbline/trunnion axis
  • Cross-scope collimation
  • Level vials Optical micrometer
  • Infinity focus
  • Auto-reflection target position
  • Compensator adjustment
  • Level referenced at infinity
  • Optical plummet
  • Angular accuracy
  • Reticle rotation

Included Components

A: 287-1 Leveling Mirror
B: 390 Optical Wedge
C: 11196-G2 Optical Plummet Collimator
D: 272-15 Multiple Target (line-of-sight) Collimator
E: 2062 Alignment Telescope
F: 272-1 Infinity Collimator
G: 13202 Ultradex Table, ¼ arcsecond accuracy

(also included):
 (1) Micrometer Calibration Target
(1) 187-S Stride Level
(1) Auto Collimating Mirror
(1) 235-5 Theodolite Adapter
(2) 88-6 Tilt mounting base
(1) 802-3 Compound precision slide
(1) 800 Precision lift
(1) Operating manual


Table height: 37½” (95.3cm)
Surface plate:
Granite supported by five adjustable pads. 24″ x 36″ x 4″ (61cm x 91.5cm x 10cm)
Heavy-gauge welded steel reinforced with angle iron. Three leveling jack screws through steel foot pads.
Cabinet storage area:
Approximately 4 cubic feet (0.11 cubic meter). Accessory drawer is 18″ x 21½” x 7¼” (45.7cm x 55.9cm x 20.3cm).
Floor space: 25″ x 38″ (63.5cm x 96.5cm)
Height: 72″ (1.83m)
Finish: Cabinet and instrument post are grey.
Approx. weight:
Stand, 1100 lbs. (499kg);
Shipping, 1261 lbs. (572kg)
Intermediate tube assembly:
Gear driven height adjustment to accommodate all types of optical instruments. Quick clamping mechanism locks the tube rigidly in place. Allows control of all necessary translations and rotations in X, Y and Z axes. Thru-hole for optical plummet adjustment.
Standard configuration: 110-volt AC power supply. Five outlets provided on side of cabinet for convenient plug-in of accessories. On-off switch for the collimator lights is located on the cabinet. Panel at foot of instrument post has light intensity control, fuse, and red “power on” indicator light. On request, can be shipped with voltage transformer to work with other electrical systems.
Plummet telescope adjustment:
Motor drive, controlled by two-switch pendant


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