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Product Description

2030 Alignment Telescope (standard alignment – English)

Bright line & bright field reticles, English units

The 2030 is essentially the same as the 2022 alignment telescope but has a right angle eyepiece and a two-reticle system consisting of a dark field, bright line reticle as well as a bright field, dark line reticle. These features specifically enhance the unit’s accuracy and ease of use when autocollimating. The 2030 includes a built-in autoreflection target on the objective lens. An autocollimation illumination unit (our model 509) is included with the instrument.

See also similar instrument 2024BL (with micrometers graduated in metric units) and read more about our alignment telescopes.

The 2030 is classified as National Stock number (NSN) 6650-P71-2030.

May Be Used With

187-S Coincidence Striding Level
2230 Right Angle Eyepiece (discontinued)
3205 Cross Level
508 Light Source (discontinued)
3220 Coincidence Striding Level (discontinued)
6202 Magnetic Back Mirror, 2½”
6204 Magnetic Back Mirror, 4″
Any of our alignment telescope bases



Magnification: Varies from 4x at zero focus to 46x at infinity
Focusing range: Zero to infinity
Field of view: 37 minutes at infinity, 42 mm at zero focus
Effective aperture: 42 mm
Optics: Fully coated optics used throughout
All-purpose, double glass, dustproof; cross-pattern with single lines
Focusing knob:
Drum graduated to show focusing distance in feet
Eyepiece: Fully erect image; diopter scale
Optical micrometer:

  • Horizontal and vertical optical micrometers
  • Displacement: ±0.050″
  • Direct reading to 0.001″
  • Accuracy: ±0.0002″ over full range
  • Red and black graduations indicate direction of displacement



English (PDF)


3D Model Downloads

sw 3D IGES
igs 3D PDF

PN: 2030 Category: .