Corporate Profile

Key Contacts

Deighton Brunson President and CEO
Richard Powell Vice President
Carl Baines International Sales
Mark Meuret Engineering Manager
Matt Settle Product Manager


Brunson Instrument Company is a privately-held, partially employee-owned enterprise founded by A.N. Brunson in 1927. Deighton Brunson is the grandson of the founder and has served as President and CEO for more than 20 years. The metrology company’s engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales activities are managed at the corporate headquarters in Kansas City, MO. In 1997, Brunson Instrument expanded with the acquisition of Cubic Precision, formerly K & E (Keuffel & Esser), and hired their highly experienced staff. With more than 50 employees, the company serves a worldwide customer base with strategic distributors in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Fondly known as the “Cave”, Brunson Instrument is housed in a building nearly 300 million years old. The 220,000 sq. ft. headquarters and manufacturing facility are buried 80 feet below the surface of Kansas City, Missouri. The founder’s intent was to create a stable environment for his factory, where temperature and humidity are easily controlled and vibration is non-existent. The facility is modern, secure, and efficient – the ideal place to manufacture precision metrology targeting, optical instruments and accessories to the tiniest measurement tolerances.

Corporate Focus

Brunson Instrument is focused specifically on the large volume, portable measurement and alignment needs of manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, power generation, pulp and paper, and other industries. The Brunson “Made in USA” product line and online catalog includes optical tooling instruments, scaling artifacts, metrology instrument stands, laser target holders, and calibration equipment. In addition to private label and contract manufacturing, the company offers a full spectrum of services to help clients with their high precision measurement and manufacturing needs.

Competitive Advantage

For more than eighty-five years, the enterprise has served the specialized, large-scale metrology industry. Few companies can rival Brunson’s brain trust and hands-on experience in “Helping the World Measure™”. The company’s collective expertise has been applied to solve countless precision measurement challenges chasing the elusive one thousandth of an inch requirement. The critical knowledge derived from creating and applying metrology solutions in the field maintains the company’s competitive advantage in this marketplace.

Brunson Instrument thrives on problem-solving and welcomes a test of their engineering skills, design talents and on-site measurement services. Their precision manufacturing facility is the proving ground on which they build solutions for measurement obstacles faced by those who build, inspect, or maintain large machines like aircraft, paper mills, satellites, ships, machine tools, particle accelerators, and automobiles.

Metrology Solutions

During the past eight decades, Brunson Instrument Company has produced and installed thousands of metrology products and trained the people who use them. The Brunson measurement and alignment catalog can be accessed online at their web site: Customers can choose from ten major categories of metrology products: 1) Certified, serialized target holders; 2) Invar kits, scale bars and accessories; 3) Instrument stands and accessories; 4) Optical instruments including alignment telescopes, collimators, levels, transits and accessories; 5) Optical scales; 6) Optical targets; 7) Test and calibration Equipment; 8) Bases and mounts; 9) Mirrors; and 10) Optical solutions for saw mill and bore alignment. Product manuals and publications can be conveniently downloaded from the web site.

Brunson Instrument also teams with OEMs to create and manufacture private label products, as well as complete systems to meet high accuracy customer specifications. The company is structured to be creative, responsive and in direct communication with clients during the entire product development process.

Customer Services, Technical Support and Training

Brunson Instrument Company supports their global client base with a wide range of services: consulting, engineering, design, private label and contract manufacturing. Their experienced field service group performs on-site measurement and alignment tasks. The company also provides calibration, rentals, and repair of metrology instruments. Scheduled and customized metrology training courses are also available, as well as technical support programs tailored for the customer’s individual needs.

Third-Party Relationships

Brunson Instrument actively pursues strategic business alliances that result in the expanded distribution of its metrology technology, products and services. The company also partners with companies to innovate new or private label products. Brunson has been a long-time supporter of the Coordinate Metrology Society and its yearly Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference. The company is a member of the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP), the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), the Gauge and Toolmakers Association (UK), and the Kansas City Manufacturing Network.

Worldwide Communications

Brunson Instrument Company communicates with customers and prospects through social media and a dynamic Web Site featuring current product and services information, calendar of events, press room, and the latest company news.

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