545-190 Precision Sight Level (Metric)

Ships in 4 Weeks

Quickly establish a gravity level plane

The 545-190M (or the english version, 545-190) comes standard with a single axis optical micrometer, giving you precise control of any object being evaluated to gravity level within a 360° circle around the instrument. These instruments provide a means of easily leveling all types of machinery and equipment, evaluating the orientation of tables, ways, sole plates, rollers, shafts, etc. The 545-190 is classified as National Stock Number (NSN) 6675-00-509-5586.

All 545 models give you the ability to establish a line of sight which is extremely level. The two-speed telescope tilting screw has a coarse thread to get you in the ballpark quickly, and a fine thread for those precise adjustments which bring you into perfect level. In addition, a coincidence-type level with 2.5 times magnification optically "folds" both ends of the precision level vial's bubble together, enabling you to detect the tiniest deviation from level. One arcsecond of tilt is discernible using this "coincidence" vial methodology.

All configurations of this instrument include a telescope having adjustments to maintain the line of sight straight throughout a focusing range of two inches to infinity, allowing the instrument to be located in the tightest of setups. This straightness is maintained at ±0.001" (0.025 mm) from two inches to 17 feet (50.8 mm to 5.2 m) and one arcsecond from 17 feet to infinity. The main telescope tube has a removable section to facilitate conversion for autocollimation, autoprojection, or installation of a right angle eyepiece. The optical micrometer produces repeatable readings with a resolution of 0.001" (0.025 mm).

The reticle's filar/bifilar pattern makes for easy use with our optical tooling scales, or during collimation and autocollimation procedures. The horizontal axis pivots directly over the vertical axis, making the change in plane height less than 0.0001" for tilts up to 5 arc minutes either above or below horizontal. This important feature eliminates the need to perform the time-consuming precision plumbing procedure for leveling projects. All 545 models use high quality base components and leveling vials similar in design to our model 76-RH transit, allowing this instrument to sweep precise planes. For rough leveling, the unit has a circular level vial mounted on the base.

Our extreme attention to engineering details means that you can take measurements with accuracies that are difficult to achieve by conventional mechanical methods. Read more about our levels for additional specific information on their many features and uses.

Available with no micrometer if desired. To order the 545 instrument without any micrometer, use model number 545-1. You may wish to do this, for example, if you already own one of our 190, 190M, 160, or 160M optical micrometers.

May Be Used With

160-x Series Coordinate Optical Micrometers
186 Plastic Autoreflection Target
188 Glass Autoreflection Target
190-x Series Optical Micrometers
193 Right Angle Swivel Eyepiece (discontinued)
193-L Right Angle Swivel Eyepiece, Illuminated Adapter
196-1 Combination Projection, Auto-Collimation, Fixed Right Angle Eyepiece Unit (Must be installed at the factory)

Bearings Ball type with a runout of 0.000025″ or less
Case Plastic case with foam cushions to provide all-around support for the instrument
Effective aperture 1.34″
Field of View 1 degree
Finish Grey Textured Polyurethane
Focusing Range 2″ (5.1 cm) to infinity
Magnification 20X at 2″ from objective; 30X at infinity
Main Telescope Image Erect
Optics Low reflective, protective coating
Reticle Glass, filar/bi-filar pattern (others available)
Telescope Length 16″ (40.6 cm), with 190 micrometer installed
Weight, Product (Approx.) lb 17.4
Weight, Product (Approx.) kg 7.9
Weight, Product & Case (Approx.) lb 36.6
Weight, Product & Case (Approx.) kg 16.6
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