Brunson Stasis Instrument Positioner

Product Description


Scanning instrument positioner

Sir Isaac Newton would be proud. We’ve made his famous apple (or your scanner) hang in mid-air. Stasis, our new scanning instrument positioner, solves many challenges associated with manual scanning – because we listened to users in the field. As a result, Stasis greatly simplifies scanner positioning and user interaction, and reduces the amount of time required to position the instrument. This innovative design greatly improves the user’s scanning experience.

Weightless Instrument

Stasis uses a counterbalanced system that is tuned to the specific weight of the instrument, so it’s completely balanced throughout its range of motion. The instrument’s center of gravity is placed at a 3-axis intersection point for pivoting in any direction with a feeling of weightlessness.

Ease of Positioning

Use Stasis to make direct point-to-point movements to any desired scanning perspective. Just grip the instrument and drive to the next position – Stasis bears the load for you. The gimbal-style instrument mount allows rotation about all three instrument axes, so you can point it in any direction (even flip it upside down).

No Locks or Clamps

We designed Stasis to remain stable following each repositioning movement without requiring the user to engage clamps or locks. We built in just enough resistance to make it stable when released by the user, taking full advantage of the weightless nature of the design.

Cable Management

Stasis includes a wrap-around sleeve to help manage instrument cables.

Other Key Features

  • Precision bearings in all joints for fluid motion and durability.
  • Push-pin locks to secure the arm in predetermined positions for loading/unloading of instrument, transportation, and storage.
  • Mount to stand or table top depending upon environment or application.
  • Includes mounting post with threaded collar for easy installation.


Weight: 100 lbs. (45 kg)
Max. instrument weight: 35 lbs (15.5 kg)
Horizontal reach: 60 in (1500 mm)
Vertical reach: 
60 in (1500 mm) up*
30 in (750 mm) down*
Axes of movement:
6 rotations
Base (azimuth) – 360°
Hand (roll, pitch, yaw) – 360° each

*From mounting surface


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