Product Description

5150 Universal Alignment Telescope Base

All the angular and lateral motion you need

The 5150 base is truly universal. It will support an alignment telescope, with or without a spherical mount, or with either of our optical squares (2410 or 2412, both discontinued). The base allows adjustment of the instrument’s elevation, lateral shift, and level (pitch). The 5150 is easily reconfigured by the addition or removal of several included accessories. All you need is an allen key. 

The 5150 includes three interchangeable front mounts (A, B, and C in the picture to the left) to accommodate various telescope configurations. Mount “A” is a double cone, used to support an alignment telescope having no spherical mount or optical square. The photograph at the top shows the 5150 configured with mount A. Mounts “B” and “C” are cup mounts. The short one (B) is provided for use with a spherical mount, and the longer one (C) is used with our optical squares. The cup itself is easily removed from one of the mounts and installed on the other.

The cross slide supporting the telescope has an adjustment range of 2.875″ (73mm), and is moved by way of a hand wheel mounted on the side. A large handwheel near the bottom of the unit allows very fine vertical adjustments. The range of vertical adjustment is 2.375″ (60.3mm). A 3½”-8 thread is provided in the base plate for mounting the 5150 to an instrument stand if desired.


At left is a picture of the 5150 with mount “B” supporting a 2022 with a spherical mount.








At right, the 5150 is configured with mount “C” holding an alignment telescope with an optical square attached. 






Overall size: 10″ x 12″ x 10″ (25.4 cm x 30.5 cm x 25.4 cm)
Cross-slide 2.875″ (73.03mm)
Vertical 2.375″ ( 60.33mm)
Approx. weight: 41 lbs (18.6 kg)


May Be Used With

271 Tilt Collimator
272-15 Multiple Target Collimator
2022 family, 2024 family, 2062, and C47280 Alignment Telescopes
81 and 83 alignment telescope families (discontinued)


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