Product Description

235-16 Lateral Slide Adapter

Converts Brunson Intermediate Tube to Dovetail Mount

The 235-16 has a 2.825″-20 NS – 2 external thread which allows it to fit into the intermediate tubes in many of our stands. A recess in the top of this adapter will accept a dovetail mount such as that found on our various lateral slides. Socket head setscrews secure the inserted dovetail, and allow the lateral slide (or other dovetail-equipped unit) to rotate into any azimuth direction until tightened.
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Effective height:
1.375″ (34.9 mm)  – this is the vertical distance between the lower interface surface (on this adapter, the very bottom) and the top
Internal thread: 3½”-8
Approx. weight: 3 lbs.

May Be Used With

Accepts these products:

Fits into any product having an internal 2.825″-20 NS – 2 thread