Product Description

THB Series Target Holder Bushings

Get more measurement flexibility

The THB Series Target Holder Bushings are great for converting targeted holes to the shank size of your SMR adapters. Slip this precision bushing into the hole you wish to target, and the new bore diameter will fit the SMR adapter, holding it on center of the original hole.
Choose an “A” value from the table below, and pair with a “B” value to create the item number for the product that you want, for example, THB-.375 -.25. Or, use the following part number format to describe your own custom size bushing.

May Be Used With

1.5TH-x-.25 (with 1/4″ shank)
0.875TH-x-.25 (with 1/4″ shank)
0.5TH-x-.25 (with 1/4″ shank)
Any SMR adapter or targeting aid with a 1/4″ shank


OD tolerance: 
+0.0000″, −0.0005″ (+0.000mm, −0.013mm)
ID tolerance:
+0.0005″, −0.0000″ (+0.013mm, −0.000mm)
Flange thickness:
0.200″ ±0.0005″ for English; 5mm ±0.013mm for metric
Material: Stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 42-45