Product Description

TBA Series Tooling Ball Adapters

When you need to reference a tooling ball

The TBA Series Tooling Ball Adapters are used in conjunction with our BXT Series extension bars and various SMR holders having 1/4″ or 6mm shafts. This type of assembly (shown in the photo below) is often used to locate and specify points using a sphere-fit routine*. The TBA is handy for targeting tooling balls such as our TB. It is especially useful for measuring points which are obscured from view. Using the TBA (with its targeting assembly) on hidden points helps you avoid making unnecessary tracker moves and subsequent rebundles, thereby saving time and potential error buildup. These adapters make more efficient use of your laser tracker equipment while maintaining the accuracy needed for most tasks.
The TBA has a 6-32 set screw at the bottom of the hole (see sketch below left). This is used to secure the TBA to our BXT extension bars. Be sure to choose a TBA having the same units (English or metric) as your BXT bar.
Outer Diameter Offset “A” Diameter “D” Sphere Diameter “C”
TBA-1 1.000″ 0.2500″ 0.5000″
TBA-25MM 25 mm 6 mm 12 mm

 *A “sphere fit rod” assembly (shown on the right) may be constructed from a BXT Extension Bar, an SMR adapter, and an TBA Tooling Ball Adapter. It is used to collect points which are all a given distance away from one particular point, making that point the center of an arbitrary sphere. Then, a sphere-fit routine is used to determine that center point. On the right, the TBA is held against a tooling ball.


May Be Used With

BXT Series Extension Bars
TB Tooling Balls (0.5″ or 12mm)
Any 1/2″ or 12mm tooling ball, depending upon TBA version (English or metric)


Tolerance, precision hole dia.: 
+0.0005″, −0.0000″ (+0.013mm, −0.000mm)
Tolerance, offset “A”: ±0.0005″ (±0.013mm)
Material: Stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 42-45