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Product Description

0.875TH Series SMR Adapter

For use with 0.875″ diameter SMR

The 0.875TH series of magnetic adapters provides an SMR nest which mounts in holes having diameters from 1/8″ to 5/8″ or from 4mm to 15mm. Shank diameters are held to very close tolerances for precision slip fits. The adapter holds the center point of a 0.875″ diameter SMR on centerline of the shank to a tolerance of ±0.0005″ (±0.013mm). The adapter also holds the center of the SMR to a known offset height at a tolerance of ±0.0005″ (±0.013mm). Refer to the table below for the available offset and shank diameter combinations. Choose any “A” value from the table below, and pair with any “B” value (table at right, below) to create the item number for the product that you want. For example, 0.875TH-.5-12MM.

Offset Value “A”
0.500″ (see note) .5
1.000″ 1
20 mm 20MM

Shank Diameter Value “B” Shank Diameter Value “B”
1/8″ .125 4 mm 4MM
3/16″ .1875 5 mm 5MM
1/4″ .25 6 mm 6MM
5/16″ .3125 7 mm 7MM
3/8″ .375 8 mm 8MM
7/16″ .4375 9 mm 9MM
1/2″ .5 10 mm 10MM
9/16″ .5625 11 mm 11MM
5/8″ .625 12 mm 12MM
13 mm 13MM
14 mm 14MM
15 mm 15MM
Note: For adapters having an offset of 0.500″, the following “B” choices are not available: .125, .1875, 4MM, 5MM, and 6MM. 

May Be Used With

Any 0.875″ diameter SMR


Adapter diameter: 7/8″ (22.2mm)
Shank diameter tolerance:
−0.0001″ to −0.0005″ (−0.003mm to −0.013mm)
Material: Stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 42-45



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PDF Download Drawing

Brunson 0.875TH drawing

PN: 0.875TH Category: .