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Product Description

0.5THSC Self-Centering SMR Adapters

Conical plunger centers itself on multiple diameters

The 0.5THSC magnetic adapter is used to gather quick data points over a range of hole sizes using a single adapter. The secret is a spring-loaded, cone-shaped, locating plunger (see illustration below). This adapter will locate on hole sizes 0.100″ to 0.420″ (2.5mm to 10.5mm). Keep in mind that we can also make these adapters to fit other hole diameters on request. Three strong magnets on the bottom keep the adapter squarely on any ferrous surface, and counteract the spring-loaded force of the plunger. The adapter is reliable and repeatable. A grooved profile around the outer perimeter assists in removal after measuring is finished. The adapter holds the centerpoint of a 0.5″ diameter SMR 1.000″ (or 25mm for the metric version) above the surface of the part and on centerline of the hole to a tolerance of ±0.0005″ (±0.013mm). The SMR seats on a conical land and is held in place by a magnet.

Model Offset “A”
English 0.5THSC-1 1.000″
Metric 0.5THSC-25MM 25 mm

May Be Used With

Any 0.5″ diameter SMR


Adapter dia.: 1.250″ (31.8mm)
Material: Stainless steel
Fits hole sizes: 0.100″ – 0.420″ (2.5mm – 10.5mm)
Offset tolerance: ±0.0005″ (±0.013mm)
Target centering tolerance: ±0.0005″ (±0.013mm)
Hardness: HRC 42-45



English (PDF)


PDF Download Drawing

Brunson 0.5THSC drawing

PN: 0.5THSC Category: .