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Product Description

0.5THS Series SMR Adapters

For use with 0.5″ SMR

The 0.5THS Series magnetic adapter provides a nest for a 0.5″ SMR and holds it exactly 0.5″ ±0.0005″ above the base surface. The adapter also includes a magnet on the bottom surface to allow attachment to any magnetic surface.
Brunson 0.5THS Target Holder
Model Offset “A”
0.5THS-.5 0.500″
0.5THS-12MM 12 mm
0.5THS-25MM 25 mm

May Be Used With

Any 0.5″ diameter SMR



Adapter size:
0.500″ diameter x 0.313″ high (12.70mm diameter x 7.95mm high)
Material: Stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 42-45


PDF Download Drawing

Brunson 0.5THS drawing

PN: 0.5THS Category: .