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Product Description

THMF Mini Floor Mount Adapter

Permanent Reference Solution

The THMF is a flexible solution for installing permanent reference target mounts in your facility’s floors or walls. Small in size, it provides a secure base which can hold either 1.5″ or 0.5″ SMR target adapters. The THMF’s knurled circumference and concave grooves give extra gripping power for gluing into place with epoxy or other grouting adhesives. The cap is outfitted with a straight blade screwdriver slot as well as an O-ring to seal out debris when not in use. The base of the THMF has a 6-32 machine screw located axially in the center of the bottom which is used to secure the cap as well as the target adapters.

The THMF provides several advantages over other floor mount adapters. It is only 1″ tall and 0.75″ in diameter. It provides a mounting base for the 1.5THMF target adapter (for a 1.5″ SMR), or the 0.5THMF target adapter (for a 0.5″ SMR). You may also wish to order part number 15478 (see image below right) to hold the THMF in place during installation, assuring flushness and perpendicularity with the mounting surface. The installation plate is secured to the THMF using one of the target adapters (see image below left) while the adhesive cures.



May Be Used With

Any 1.5″ dia. SMR with 1.5THMF adapter
Any 0.5″ dia. SMR with 0.5THMF adapter
Any TB Series tooling ball with 1/4″ shank


Adapter size: 0.75″ (19.05mm) dia. x 1″ (25.4mm) high
Material: Stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 42-45



English (PDF)


PDF Download Drawing

Brunson THMF drawing

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