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Product Description

0.5THDN-T Drift Nest

Drift nest with extra tie-down security

The 0.5THDN-T drift nest provides a temporary, magnetic laser tracker target adapter in almost any location and on almost any surface. Use any general adhesive (we often use a hot glue gun) to attach these adapters temporarily to machine tools, concrete floors and pillars, posts, stands, or just about anything else that is available. A groove cut around the perimeter of the base allows for the addition of a customer-provided tie down, if desired, for extra security (great for FOD-critical areas). Works with a 0.5″ diameter laser tracker target. 

May Be Used With

Any 0.5″ diameter laser tracker target


Adapter size:
0.75″ diameter x 0.313″ high (19.05mm dia. x 7.95mm high)
Approx. distance to center of laser tracker target:
0.5″ (12.7mm) above base of the adapter
Material: Stainless steel
Hardness: HRC 42-45


PDF Download Drawing

 Brunson 0.5THDN-T drawing

PN: 0.5THDN-T Category: .