Product Description

6130 Plexiglas Disk Target

2¼” Diameter

With Multiple Paired-Line Pattern

The 6130 has a paired line target pattern similar to our model 6110, but is engraved on a 2¼” (57.2mm) plexiglas disk. The disk has mounting holes on a diameter. 
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Target diameter:
A.I.A. standard diameter, 2.2498″ (+0, −0.001″) or 57.145mm (+0, −0.0254mm)
Mounting holes:
0.1285″ (3.3mm) drilled through at 2″ (50.8mm) between centers
Target pattern:
Centered with respect to the diameter within ±0.001″ (0.025mm)
Thickness: 3/8″
Max sustained operating temperature: 190°F (87°C)


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