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Product Description

6110 Glass Target

2 1/4″ dia. Multi-paired Line Pattern on Glass

The 6110 paired-line glass target is mounted in a hardened and ground stabilized steel ring. It is centered within 0.0005″ with respect to the outside diameter of the ring. It may be used in many alignment configurations, but is sized to fit our standard spherical adapters, such as the 521-B. The target conforms to A.I.A. specifications. 
National Stock Number: NSN 4290-P71-6110

May Be Used With

406-6, or 406-6A bore targets
6410 bore target (discontinued)
521-B or discontinued 5100 Spherical Target Mounts
Many other configurations


Steel ring: 2.2498″ (+0.0000, -0.0005″) dia. x ½” thick 
Mounting holes:
2″ center-to-center, at 180°, #30 drill (.1285 dia)


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PN: 6110 Category: .