Product Description

717 Series End Viewing Target

End-Viewing Target

The 717 Series paired line target has a pattern which is machine engraved and black-filled on white acetyl plastic. The target is centered within ±0.0005″ (0.013mm) of the centerline of the plug. This target is very useful when sighting an optical instrument directly on the center point of a tooling reference hole.
Standard plug diameter is 0.250″ although as with many of our targets, special variations are available on request.
Please refer to the table below for a listing of target pattern spacings (distance between the target lines) and corresponding order number.
Model Bi-Filar Spacing
717-5-250 0.005″ (0.13 mm)
717-10-250 0.010″ (0.25 mm)
717-15-250 0.015″ (0.38 mm)
717-20-250 0.025″ (0.51 mm)
717-25-250 0.025″ (0.64 mm)
717-30-250 0.030″ 0.76 mm)

May Be Used With

  • 740-A Adjustable Floor Target Mount
  • Customer supplied fixtures 


Target centering: ±0.0005″ (0.013mm)
Target line width:
0.010″ (0.254mm) for targets with line spacings up to and including 0.020″. 0.015″ (0.381mm) for targets with line spacings above 0.020″


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