Product Description

190 Series Optical Micrometers

190 Our Most Popular (single axis)

Fits Brunson style instruments

The 190 optical micrometer translates the line of sight laterally with an accuracy of ±0.0005″ using an optical flat. The cast aluminum housing has a 1.655″ opening to fit the telescope barrel of all Brunson optical tooling transits and levels. Adapters are available which allow this micrometer to be used with a variety of theodolites as well. Any of four machined slots in the housing (located at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions) fit over a locating pin on Brunson telescope barrels for quick and accurate indexing of the micrometer to a horizontal or vertical position. A precision glass window acts as a dust cover to protect the optical flat inside. Refer to the table below for descriptions of the various models in this series.
Micrometer for Leica T-2 theodolite. We have adapted our 190 for use with the Leica T-2 (see 190-W in table below). This micrometer has been modified with a larger bore to fit the Leica telescope barrel, and is finished with grey polyurethane paint. Note: Except as noted in the table below, the 190 micrometers fit Brunson style instruments only.
Micrometer Configurations Available
Model Range Drum Reading Accuracy
190 ±0.100″ 0.001″ ±0.0005″
190-M ±2.5 mm 0.02 mm ±0.01 mm Metric
190-20 ±0.020″ 0.0002″ ±0.0001″
190-50 ±0.050″ 0.0005″ ±0.00025″
190-W ±0.100″ 0.001″ ±0.0005″ Fits only Leica T-2

May Be Used With

76-RH Transit
545-x Precision Tilting Level
15206 Micrometer Adapter
Also the following discontinued transits: 75-H, 771-H, 376RHN


Polyurethane – gray textured (except as noted in table at right)
Knob and front ring: Clear anodized aluminum
Approximate weight:
Micrometer, 1 lbs. (0.45 kg)
Shipping, 2 lbs. (0.91 kg)


3D Model Downloads

sw 3D IGES
igs 3D PDF