Product Description

771-H190 Jig Transit

Perfect for establishing straight lines and planes

The 771-H190 is our most basic transit. It is great for establishing vertical and horizontal reference planes as well as straight lines. Its name derives from its original use in the building and certification of jigs and fixtures used in aircraft construction. Like our other transits, the line of sight is maintained mutually orthogonal, as well as coincident, with the horizontal and vertical axes. This yields extremely precise, short to medium range alignment capabilities. It has precision telescope optics mounted on a solid-cast bronze horizontal axle which combine to produce a well-balanced instrument with feather-touch controls. The 771-H190 is perfect when you need to establish straight lines and flat planes on many different types of mechanical systems.
Patented ball bearing mounts permit accurate sweeping of both horizontal and vertical planes. The 771-H190 employs a 194-TM coincidence level for precision leveling. The 194-TM has a 360-degree rotating turret to view the magnified bubble image from any position.
The 771-H190 also has a hollow vertical axis that allows you to look straight down through the instrument base to see targets or collimators which are directly below the instrument. 
Available with English, metric, or no micrometer. Measurements from the optical reference line (the line of sight) are taken by using an optical micrometer mounted on the telescope. The 771-H may be ordered with an English-unit micrometer, a metric-unit micrometer, or no micrometer (see table below).
Model Micrometer
771-H190 English
771-H190M Metric
771-H None


Additional general information about this instrument is available by reading about our transits. 

May Be Used With

160-x Series Coordinate Micrometers
186 Plastic Autoreflection Target
188 Glass Autoreflection Target
190-x Series Optical Micrometers
191 Combination Reticle Projection, Fixed Right Angle Eyepiece Unit (discontinued)
192 Auto-Collimation Unit (discontinued)
193 Right Angle Eyepiece (discontinued)
193-L Right Angle Swivel Eyepiece, Illuminated Adapter
196-1 Combination Projection, Auto-Collimation, Fixed Right Angle Eyepiece Unit


Main telescope:
Length: 14″ (with 190 or 190M micrometer)
Magnification: 20X at 2″ from objective; 30X at infinity
Field of view: 1 degree
Image: Erect
Optics: Low reflective, protective coating
Effective aperture: 1.34″
Reticle: Glass, filar/bi-filar pattern (other patterns available)
Focusing range: 2″ to infinity
Bearings: Ball type with a runout of 0.000025″ or less
Finish: Two part gray polyurethane enamel (textured)
Approx. weight:
Instrument, 31 lbs. (14.1 kg);
Instrument and case, 62 lbs. (28.2 kg);
Shipping, 63 lbs. (28.6 kg)


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