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Product Description

193-L Illuminated Right Angle Swivel Eyepiece Adapter

When illumination is required for right angle viewing

Using the 193-L, the eyepiece of an instrument may be reoriented into a right angle configuration. The 193-L eyepiece adapter swivels 360 degrees for ease of viewing from any angle. This allows the use of the instrument in obstructed or tight setups. It also allows for shots near zenith (straight up).
The 193-L adapter also allows for autocollimation through illumination of a reticle pattern on several of our transits and one of our levels. With it, you can collimate and colineate two instruments, or illuminate a model 188 autoreflection target mounted on the end of a telescope barrel.
The 193-L is interchangeable with the removable section of the main telescope tube on several of our transits and one of our levels. The unit comes complete with model 509 light source.
The 193-L is installed by replacing the removable adapter tube on the ocular end of many of our telescopes. After installation, the 193-L may be swiveled to any angle around the main axis of the telescope.

May Be Used With

76-RH Transit
545-x Precision Tilting Level
509 Light Source
500, 504, 504-R, 505, 508 Light Sources (discontinued)
Also the following discontinued transits: 75-H, 771-H


Approx. weight:
Eyepiece unit, 3 lbs.
Shipping, 4 lbs.


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PN: 193-L Category: .