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Product Description

1241 Combination Eyepiece

For Autocollimation or Reticle Projection

The 1241 combination eyepiece is interchangeable with the standard eyepiece of the K+E type telescope found on certain instruments. The eyepiece unit can be converted in the field as required to form a straight-through vision system or a right angle system. The 1241 includes a 509 light source. The 1241 is classified as National Stock Number (NSN) 6675-00-246-3751.
Note: All model 1241 eyepieces manufactured after January 2008 employ the model 509 as the light source. If you wish to upgrade an older version of the 1241 to accept the 509, you may do so by purchasing adapter number 15307. Replace the bulb housing on the older models with this adapter, and you’ll be set to use the 509. Otherwise, the replacement bulb for 1241 eyepieces made before 2008 is the L3311-1 (GE157).

May Be Used With

509 Light Source
508 Light Source (discontinued)
2062 Alignment Telescope
3010 Precision Tilting Level (discontinued)
5514-1, 5514-2 lighting power supplies (discontinued)
Also the following discontinued K+E type transits: 1010, 1012, 1013, 1014, 1026

PN: 1241 Category: .