Product Description

3205 Cross Level

Ensures Vertically Oriented Instrument Reticle

The 3205 level is used to orient the reticle of our alignment telescopes and collimators vertically and horizontally. The cross level is positioned by means of a stud fitting into a hole in the barrel of the instrument tube. When the level bubble is centered, the crosshairs of the instrument will be vertical and horizontal. The level vial has a sensitivity of 90 arcseconds per 2 mm movement.

Have a look at the various other level vials for use on our optical tooling instruments or for general purposes.


Approx. weight: 1/4 lb.

May Be Used With

2022 Alignment Telescope family (includes 20222024, 2024BL, 2030)
2062 Alignment Telescope
C47280 Alignment Telescope
4010 Collimator (discontinued)
Also the following discontinued alignment telescope: 2023


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