Product Description

194-TM Coincidence Level

For Precision Leveling

The 194-TM is standard on all of our optical tooling transits and levels. It allows fast, accurate leveling of these instruments. Like many of our levels, both ends of the bubble are viewed simultaneously by using prisms and a magnification system. This “coincidence” or “split” bubble presentation ensures the most accurate reading of the position of the bubble (see sketch left). The bubble is conveniently viewed from any position via the 360-degree rotating turret assembly on top of the unit, which provides a magnified image to increase readability. This feature is especially critical when working on substandard foundations, keeping the instrument operator from chasing his or her own weight around the instrument. A rotating light reflector provides illumination using ambient sources, and has one white and one mirrored side. The 194-TM will indicate off-level conditions as small as one arcsecond. 

 We also have various other level vials on this website for use on optical tooling instruments or for general purposes.


May Be Used With

76-RH Transit
545-x Precision Tilting Level
Also the following discontinued transits: 75-H, 771-H
Custom fixturing provided by customer


Sensitivity: 1 arcsecond
Mounting holes: 17/64″ dia, on 5.225″ centers
Finish: Grey metallic polyurethane
Approx. weight:
Level, 1 lb.
Shipping, 2 lbs.


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