Product Description

187 Box Level

Are you on the level?

The 187 provides a fast, accurate method to level any flat surface, establishing a true horizontal plane within one arcsecond. Like many of our levels, both ends of the bubble are viewed simultaneously by using prisms and a magnification system. This “coincidence” or “split” bubble presentation ensures the most accurate reading of the position of the bubble (see sketch left). The bubble is conveniently viewed from any position via the 360-degree rotating turret assembly on top of the unit.
The vial is mounted on a cast iron base. The bottom is a machined surface, relieved by inverted “V” slots which act as dust gutters for positive contact with the surface to be leveled. A 1 arcsecond tilt produces an observable break in the split-bubble image.
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Foorprint: 4-13/16″ inches long by 1-5/8″ wide
Carrying Case: Plastic
Approx. weight:
Level, 3 lbs.
Level and case, 4 lbs.
Shipping, 5 lbs.