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2062 Alignment Telescope

For holding optical reference lines

The 2062 alignment telescope’s apparent simplicity belies its extremely precise and useful nature. It is designed to hold an optical reference line for other instruments, for use as a boresight telescope, or to evaluate equipment on its own using the principles of autocollimation. All standard spherical adapters and optical squares will fit the 2062. It has an autoreflection target on its objective lens, and comes complete with an autocollimation illumination unit (our model 509). For additional general information about this instrument, read more about our alignment telescopes.
The 2062 is classified as National Stock Number (NSN) 6650-00-253-9195.

May Be Used With

187-S Coincidence Striding Level
1241 Combination Autocollimation, Projection Eyepiece
1231 Right Angle Eyepiece (discontinued)
3205 Cross Level
3220 Coincidence Striding Level (discontinued)
509 Light Source
508 Light Source (discontinued)
Any of our alignment telescope bases



Varies automatically from 23X at 2″ to 35X at infinity
Focusing range: 2″ to infinity
Straightness of line of sight:
±0.002″ (2″ to 50′); ±0.004″ (50′ to 100′); 0.5 arcseconds beyond 100′
Focusing knob: 6 1/2″ (165.1 mm) from end of eyepiece
Field of view:
47 arcminutes at infinity; 7.4 mm at near distance
Effective aperture: 38 mm
Optics: Fully coated optics used throughout
All-purpose, double glass, dustproof; filar-bifilar with single lines top and right, paired lines bottom and left
Erecting, achromatic. Right-angle eyepiece and complete projection accessories available.
Telescope barrel:
Made of through hardened stabilized stainless steel
Barrel diameter:
2.2498″, +0.0000, −0.0003″ (A.I.A. specification). Ground barrel, length 9 3/16″
Overall length: 13 1/4″ (361.95 mm)
Approx. weight: 5 lbs. 11 oz.



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PN: 2062 Category: .