Product Description

410-2, 410-3 Optical Boring Bar Alignment Kit

For Climax Portable Machine Tools© field machining systems

The Optical Boring Bar Alignment Kit is specifically designed to help you overcome common alignment challenges associated with wide-span boring applications. It is designed to work in conjunction with Climax Portable Machine Tools© field machining systems. This compact kit features light-weight portability, quick installation, easy operation and accurate results. This system eliminates the hassle of long reference bars and the guesswork of sag calculations, and allows for straighter bores in the finished product.
The key is an optical system that replaces traditional mechanical alignment methods. Simply install the telescope in a 2.250″ spherical bearing on one end of the bore, then point it toward a target mounted in a second 2.250″ spherical bearing on the other end. The system works with spans up to 50′ (or longer with special targeting).
Portable enough to take anywhere and simple enough that a single worker can perform the alignments unassisted, you will take your on-site boring equipment to the next level with the Optical Boring Bar Alignment Kit.

The Optical Boring Bar Alignment Kit is shown left as assembled in 2.250″ spherical bearings from Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc.© Triangular red elements in photo simulate machine tool components.

For more information on how to easily assemble the 410, watch a video demonstration.

Optical Boring Bar Alignment Kit Components

Picture Legend Model Description 410-2 Quantity 410-3 Quantity
A 2062 Alignment Telescope 1 1
B 16153 Telescope Adjusting Fixture with focus knob guide, 2 locking handles, and 4 adjustment screws 1 1
C 509-B LED battery-powered light source 1 1
D 16156 Open wire (“see-through”) target, fits in 2.250″ bore 2 3
E 16165 Weather-proof case with custom fitted foam insert 1 1
no photo Alignment System User Guide 1 1


Telescope: 2062 Alignment Telescope
Target backlight: 509 LED light source
Pelican Case: Includes custom foam insert
Approx. weight:
410-2 kit and case, 35 lbs. (15.9kg)
410-3 kit and case, ~37 lbs. (16.8 kg)
Target centering:
±0.0005″ (0.0127mm). Target installs on the spherical bearing mid-plane.
Designed for 2.250″ Spherical Bearing Assemblies in all 2.250″ Climax Boring Bar field machining systems.


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