Product Description

803 Series V-Block Kits

Adapts to our Invar System

If you use our Invar System as a scale extension tool, you may need the 803-1 V-block kit. These V-blocks work with our Invar System to provide quick access to shafts from 1-1/2″ to 48″ in diameter. A spring-loaded steel mounting rod ensures positive contact with the shaft below. The length of the rod is not manufactured to a precision length but is meant for relative “X” or “Y” measurements on rolls. The 803-1 is a kit consisting of both V-blocks, but each V-block may also be purchased individually (see table below). You can see other Invar System Components on this website.
Model Description Fits
803-1 803-2 and 803-3 V-blocks with case 1 1/2″ – 48″ diameter rolls
38 mm – 1.2 m

May Be Used With

Brunson Invar System tubes
Any optical tooling scale except 6040 or 6100


Top of mounting rod has internal 3/8″-24 threads, fits Brunson Invar System. Supplied with two Invar system connectors.
Approx. weight:
Kit, 2 lbs.
Kit and case, 3 lbs.
Shipping, 4 lbs.