Product Description

12410 Series Concave Tips

Tips for Brunson Invar System that fit on tooling balls

The 12410 Concave Series of tips are designed to work with the Brunson Invar System. On one end, a 3/8″-24 external thread mates to our standard Invar system tubing. The other end provides a concave mount that is made to fit on a 1/2″ tooling ball, while holding the effective length to a precisely known standard (see drawing and table below). The concave tips allow you to take measurements from tooling ball fiducials permanently mounted on fixtures, and perform “leapfrogging” measurements using a tooling ball placed temporarily between points of measurement or alignment interest. 
The 12410 series comes in both English and metric units – see the table below for the effective lengths of each.
Order the desired item using the specified part number. Read more about our Invar System Components.
Model Effective Length*
12410-G2 1″ ±0.0003″
12410-G3 2″ ±0.0003″
12410-G5 25 mm ±0.008 mm

*Effective Length is the distance from the bottom interface surface of the scale holder, which mates with the end of the Invar Tubing, to the center of a 1/2″ tooling ball when cradling the ball with the tip’s concave surface.

May Be Used With

Any of our Invar System tubing


Material: Stainless steel
Threads: 3/8″-24, fits our Invar System