Product Description

273-4 Coordinate Adjuster

Coordinate lateral control for your instrument

The 273-4 Coordinate Lateral Adjuster provides fine-threaded coordinate control of an instrument in any horizontal direction. It can be used on our collimation test stands for calibration procedures requiring instrument centering over a known point, or on our instrument stands for alignment to known points in a vertical orientation (as may be the case with vertical pumps, flow control gates on hydroelectric power applications, etc.). In addition, however, any number of application problems may be solved using this type of adjuster. The 273-4 fits into the intermediate tube of most Brunson instrument stands. It also has a provision to mount a 395 or similar target for vertical line-of-sight applications.
As shown below, the coordinate lateral adjuster allows full 2-dimensional control of your instrument, and includes a plummet sight with target mount capability.


Effective height:
1.375″ (34.9 mm) – this is the vertical distance between the lower interface surface and the bottom of an instrument which is mounted on top of the unit
Approx. weight:
Base, 15 lbs.
Shipping, 17 lbs.


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