Product Description

6000-CE and 6000-CM Calibration Targets

Three-dimensional measurement systems employing theodolites or total stations often require an artifact of known length in order to calibrate the system prior to data collection. That’s where the 6000-CE and 6000-CM come in. These artifacts may also be used for verification of system accuracy at various times during a “shoot”. These special scales, when used with our Invar scale extension kits, provide the required calibration index for such systems. A bull’s eye target with three consecutive circles is located on a white face scale at a precisely calibrated distance from the reference end of the scale. Two calibration scales are available (see table below).
The scales are made using the same process as our optical tooling scales. They have a hardened steel substrate, with black lettering on a matte white background and a non-glare topcoat.
The 6000-CE and 6000-CM are designed for use in pairs, with our calibration-grade Invar kits. The English unit kit is 803-C; the metric unit kit is the 803-MC. These kits include one fixed and one rotating scale holder so that the optical targets on each end can be oriented in the same direction.
Each scale is shipped in a vinyl sheath.
  6000-CE 6000-CM
Distance, Reference End to Target 4.000″ 100 mm
Accuracy ±0.0003″ ±0.008 mm

May Be Used With

803-C and 803-MC Invar kits
8665 Rotating Scale Holders
8665 Fixed Scale Holders


Material: Hardened tool steel
Width: 1 in. 
Matte white background, black graduations and numbers, non-glare topcoat


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