Product Description

5170 Alignment Telescope Base

Provides azimuth and elevation adjustments

The 5170 base supports and provides a means for adjusting the position of alignment telescopes and collimators. It can be attached to any standard cup mount, such as our 560-2 Adjustable Cup Mount. The yoke is easily repositioned on the base so that setups may be made with the base secured in a vertical, inclined, or upside-down position. With the addition of the Extension Arm 5175, the base can be used with an alignment telescope along with an attached Optical Square 2410 or 2412. (Note that the 2410 and 2412 are no longer manufactured.)

It must be noted that the 5170 is not a stand-alone instrument mount. It must be used in conjunction with a spherical mounting system such as the 560-2 with the 521-B. The spherical mounting system supports the objective end of the telescope, and also provides the means for mounting the 5170 to a stand or a surface. Once mounted, the 5170 then provides an easy way to make azimuth and elevation angle adjustments to the telescope near the eyepiece, using the spherical mount as the pivot point. The entire assembly is then secured by the 560-2 cup mount which may be bolted to a surface or may be mounted on a stand using our 5144 stand adapter.


At left, the 5170 appears with a 2022 alignment telescope supported by a cup mount and spherical adapter.


Approx. weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)


May Be Used With

560-2 Cup Mount, with 521-B Spherical Mount and 5144 Cup Mount Adapter
Any of our 2022 0r 2024 family of alignment telescopes
Our 2030 Alignment Telescope
5175 Extension Arm 


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